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How to Join the RRVCB

Become a member of the RRVCB!

The Republic Regional Visitors Center (Visitors Center) and the Republic Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) would like you to join us in promoting our beautiful area!

The Visitor Centers job is to attract visitors to the area with the mission to increase overnight visitation in Ferry County to create a stable business community with steady cash flow. We do this through paper and digital advertising, going to trade shows to promote our beautiful area, cross promotions distributing our brochure with other Visitors Centers and Chambers across the state.

The Chamber’s job is to support and retain businesses which is so vital to our residents and visitors.

The Visitors Center is a 100% all-volunteer, 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Our funding is from memberships, donations and lodging tax monies. We use these funds to pay for advertising and community events. We promote family fun, scenic beauty, recreation of all types, and businesses in Ferry County. Our large ads are in several popular publications, social media, trade shows and on TV.

We operate a Visitor Information Center in the heart of Republic, jointly with the Republic Chamber of Commerce and is staffed by volunteers. We provide free information about things to do, wonderful places to stay and other activities in Republic and Ferry County with our destination maps and brochures that highlight area attractions and activities.

Tourism Matters…tourism IS economic development.

Through our partnerships with businesses and organizations, we promote high-quality visitor experiences that excite, educate and reward visitors and residents alike. Your input is invaluable to our county’s success!

Our county’s success relies on Ferry County citizens to join together! We value your partnership! 

Both organizations meet monthly at the office located at 600 S. Clark Avenue and welcome your ideas! As a joint member of Republic Visitors Center and the Republic Chamber, you can be assured that your investment and participation is contributing to the economic health of the area. 

Join us today for an annual fee of only $25 so we can create a thriving frontier community that we know Ferry County can be! 

Benefits of a joint membership

The meeting room is available to you for 2 business meetings a month each one at two hours; joint members can display their business cards and a sample of their wares in the office; joint members can come in and use the wi-fi to keep their webpages, and business social media pages updated. Joint members also will have a live link on both the RRVC: republicwa.com and Chamber website- being reconstructed and updated.